Energy, Oil & Gas

Albertans know that our energy sector has allowed our province to thrive for generations. While some have apologized for our ingenuity in resource extraction, Alberta’s United Conservatives are proud of the accomplishments of our energy sector and the hard-working men and women employed by it.

But we also know that without new pipeline capacity, everything is at risk. Alberta’s energy producers must provide significant discounts when selling oil to the world market because of a lack of pipelines. In fact, this discount has become so large that some of Alberta’s energy products are currently sold at a loss. This means Albertans, as resource owners, are literally paying others to take our oil away. It doesn’t make sense and it has to end.

We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources that make us the envy of the world. But we’ve allowed foreign-funded environmental extremists to effectively land lock our energy products. This is why a United Conservative government would not allow Alberta to sit back and take this any longer. It’s time to fight back and make sure the world understands that Alberta produces energy in a more environmentally sound manner than anywhere else on earth. It means banning foreign funds that seek to keep our energy products in the ground. And it means standing up against a federal government that seeks to destroy Alberta’s energy sector altogether.

A United Conservative government would get pipelines built so that we can get our energy products to market and unleash the potential of Canada’s strongest economy. This means more jobs, more wealth, and the ability to pay for the best and most comprehensive social programs in the country. But in order to do any of this, we must fight back.

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